V-Ram Pumps

HistoryofV-RAMSearch3The patented V-Ram piston design also eliminates much of the high-wear, high maintenance deficiencies of ordinary pumps. The triangular pumping chamber provides a significantly higher wear surface and distributes wear over a greater area than round-piston pumps, which tend to concentrate wear gravitationally in the lower portion of the cylinder wall.

The piston is ringed with a series of grooves which maintain chamber pressure by trapping material and creating its own seal. This "self-sealing" capability proved to be surprisingly effective when pumping both solids and liquid slurry. It also eliminates the need for replaceable piston rings, seals and the extremely close tolerances required for the efficient operation of ordinary pumps.

This "wide tolerance" characteristic, together with a ram machined from a specially hardened chrome alloy casting, means that the V-Ram Solids Pump has a high tolerance for abrasive materials. It is comparatively unaffected by wear factors that would shorten the life of ordinary pumps. V-Ram's simplified design makes it very tolerant of tramp material which can destroy ordinary pumps.

History-of-V-RAMVramV-Ram Solids Pumps may also be equipped with an automatic response to any tramp material blockage. When a high pressure condition indicates tramp material is restricting pumping, an alarm alerts the operator. Pump cycling will continue automatically to attempt clearance of the obstruction. If the material cannot be cleared automatically, the alarm will continue and the operator will clear the pump manually.

Clean out openings at the bottom of the charging chamber and the removable top plate on the pump chamber provide access for removal of tramp material, if necessary.