A system engineered to your requirements.

History4Each installation receives individual engineering attention. As the diagram at left indicates, there are at least 15 factors that influence the design process. The texture, temperature and density of material, distance, lift, pumping speed, sanitary requirements and the desirability of incorporating material mixing and/or processing into the pumping system all need to be considered. V-RAM's physical characteristics permit great flexibility in designing an efficient material mover that meets your specific requirements.

With the degree of control you need....

Whether you need a simple air-operated "hands-on" control, or a more sophisticated relay circuit type, we will design a system that does the job for you. The pumping operation may be continuously monitored by sensors in the system which immediately alerts the control panel when there is any pump stoppage or hydraulic system malfunction.

History5Pressure drop in the pipe can be automatically controlled and managed for maximum pumping efficiency. Pump speed can be reduced manually or automatically to meet varying demands. All the units in a multi-pump system can be integrated into one control center.